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Fast Scaffolding Services has shown strong commitment towards health and safety of workers, clients and other stakeholders. We have ensured safe and healthy work environment for our labours and employees. Safety of employees and clients is our priority which has kept out operations going on smoothly since years. We have devised strong and safe health and safety policies to maintain in-depth security and safe operations of systems and programs. We approve the work place equality for all employees by providing them open and healthy work environment. Our safe and health policies are devised for all stakeholders including contractors, employees, clients and civil society.

Fast Scaffolding Services is accredited with health and safety certificates to ensure safe functioning of the company. We have trust of Scaffolding Association, Constructionline and RHA. We meet all requirements of health and safety legislation in London to facilitate companies and clients. To keep clients and employees safe, Fast Scaffolding Services conducts time to time surveys to highlight any expected problem in work lines and surface levels. We have adopted a proactive approach to ensure safety by analysing expected future safety issues at work place and inside our office. The erection teams of Fast Scaffolding Services are fully conversant with clients, health and safety authorities and other stakeholders to avoid any risk or danger related to health and safety matters.

Fast Scaffolding Services has maintained safety procedures and practices under Health and Safety Act 1974 and related Health and Safety legislation SGH: 13 and TG20:13. We carry out paper work regarding health and safety formalities on behalf of clients. Our team of legal experts contact local council, fill out all relevant documents as per Construction Industry Regulations.

The management of Fast Scaffolding Services ensure time to time inspection to conform highest quality standards. It is the biggest contributor in maintenance of health and safety environment at Fast Scaffolding Services. Our onsite structures are assessed on bi monthly to target any problem or risk to health and safety of workers, clients or contractors. Our health and safety measurements include:

  • Installation and maintenance of fully prevention system
  • Regular checks for pavement structure and level foundations
  • Risk assessment on monthly basis along with review of assessment methods
  • Management of all necessary ties and support
  • Consideration of British standard equipment
  • Safe and careful incorporation of ladders and lift heights
  • Maintenance of scaffolding equipment post weekly surveys and assessments

Fast Scaffolding Services has adopted a stable foundation to maintain health and safety standards. Our Employee Health and Safety (EHS) management process and systems offer high employee intervention system. We have devised and implemented voluntary employee intervention system (EIS) for continuous improvement in health and safety.

Other measures for health and safety of workers by Fast Scaffolding Services include:

Supervisor Observation System (SOS) to create proactive environment for accountability of workers and higher management.

Management Safety Reviews (MSRs) are based on “Go See” method to observe quality of work conditions on site and field.

Brand Leading Network (BLN) is the state of the art web based learning system for career path training, compliance, and craft and regulatory.

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